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"All Dog’s Don’t Bite is a well-written book that educates children and adults on the mannerisms of dogs. During the story, a young boy named JT has an encounter with a new dog. Although he is a dog lover, his experience causes some distress. This experience changes his perspective on dogs. With the guidance of his family, JT grows to learn how to let dogs back into his life. Author Marie Hernandez’s book provides families with an educational tool that teaches children how to encounter dogs that they may not know.

The illustrations in this book allow the reader to feel the emotions of JT as he moves from his feelings of trust to distrust in animals. The expressions used on the characters in the story allow children to see the importance of following Pet Safety Tips when meeting new animals. The end of the story is heartfelt and ensures the reader that All Dog’s Don’t Bite. We love the Pet Safety Tips provided at the end of this book. Children will be sure to recall them when they meet a new dog. I highly recommend this book to families and schools. From personal experience, my five-year-old read this book and now always asks me if it is ok to pet a new dog she meets. Thank you, Marie Hernandez, for making a positive impact on her life😊we need more books like yours!" – Marla H. School Psychologist

**I received a free ARC copy for an honest review.

This book is perfect for dog lovers! Dogs are aptly titled mans' best friend, and this author must feel the same way. Saying that though, we must remember they are still animals, and there are rules for interacting with them.

Marie Hernandez tells a cute and fun story of a little boy, named JT, who loves dogs. One wrong interaction though has scarred him in ways he doesn't fully realize. With help from his family, and an adorable pup, he learns another lesson and learns how to move on.

The story moves quickly, but doesn't skip the important parts. JT and the reader learn a few lessons, and if you didn't pick them up during the story, Hernandez added informational pages at the end with facts and safety tips.

The illustrations are beautiful too. They add just that much more to the story. On a few pages, you can see JT's dad's worry etched on his face. Emotions pour off the page from both text and illustration.

I recommend this book to kids of all ages, but definitely for dog loving families. You can't go wrong with it!
-Leigh Ann Hughes

All Dogs Don't Bite is a perfect story for those scared of dogs. But don't let the title fool you, this children's book is anything but dog-stroppy and has plenty to offer both little guys and big ones. For example life lessons on feeling different and overcoming fear with friends and family, An adorable pup named Maggie that we can all love, clear illustrations that will delight anyone, not just kids who love dogs (they'll want to cuddle their puppy even more after reading). The Author, Marie Hernandez does a wonderful job exploring this concept with the help of illustrations by Stephanie Weinger. I would recommend this book to not only kids but adults too because we really do need more understanding these days about our furry friends and what they might go through day in and day out.
- Anyeah Bank, 'Christmas with Godiva'

As a dog lover, JT's story resonated with me. It's easy to feel that if you get along with dogs, that there won't ever be problems. But as the book points out, approaching unfamiliar dogs isn't a good idea. After JT gets bitten, his fear of all dogs causes him to lose something important to him. With his family's help, he gets that back plus now can help his friend to not make the same mistake. I especially love the bulldog illustrations. Great pet safety tips at the end.


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